So what’s it called?


Who is it for?


Oh Yes,

it's accurate

Text2Cal finds what it believes is the correct information. If it's unsure, or can;t decide between a few option, it'll ask you to decide, and then create the proper notification.

You Bet

it's fast

As soon as you send a text message or recieve one, Text2Cal will present you with it's option. It's neraly instant. How's that for fast?


it syncs with Google Calendar

Sign into Google and all calendar events that Text2cal creates will sync with your Google calendar automatically. It's seemless and quick.

So... Is it ready?


we’re really close, we just need a few people
to test it out and let us know what they think!

If you have any questions, email us here.


Does the app have to be on all the time?

Absolutely not! Just open the app when you first download it inorder to sign into your Google account. After that, it'll always be running in the background even after restarts, power-offs, etc.

Are there any in-app purchases?

No way! It's free, and we mean it!

When will Text2Cal be publicly released?

Currently it is in public beta! A final release date has not been named. Make sure to subscribe to the mailing list (below) to get updates.